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Ballistics and materials

WBA uses a range of ballistic materials to ensure your safety.

The range of materials that provide safety ranges from thermoplastic glass fiber and multilayer glass to ceramics and pressed, hardened steel. The selection depends on the requirements of our customers and the level of protection required.

Armoured Vehicles Engineering
Armoured Vehicles Workshop

Tested level of protection

Thanks to our ballistic tests in our own high-end test facilities, you are protected anywhere in the world.

Ballistic levels and tests

WBA practices certified quality management according to DIN ISO 9001 and is an approved supplier to the US government and the United Nations. A maximum level of protection against a multitude of threats is reliably achieved.

Armoured vehicles at the highest safety level.

All materials used by WBA against bombardment and explosion are tested independently by the German Fire Department or H.P. White, USA. Testing and certification are in accordance with European standard VPAM APR and US standards NIJ/UL-752 for bulletproof materials.

Our anti-explosion materials have been tested and certified for German hand grenades and higher threat levels.

With this certification and overlapping armour for all critical areas, you enjoy security.

Steel armouring for vehicles: Glass frame partition wall
Steel armouring for vehicles: Workshop

Figures: Ballistic test levels and workshop. WBA uses a range of ballistic materials to ensure your safety – from thermoplastic fiberglass and multilayer glass to ceramic and pressed, hardened steel. The choice depends on our customers’ requirements and the level of protection required.

What makes us special



in accordance with ISO 9001 with highest quality standards.


as OEM partner of the major automobile manufacturers.


with our own research department and ballistic test facilities.



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