WBA Armored Vehicles

Vehicles that meet the highest safety requirements. Discreet, comfortable and adapted to your individual needs. Based on decades of experience.

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Safety wherever you are

Vehicles from WBA Armored Vehicles protect their occupants from life-threatening hazards worldwide.

Governments, non-governmental organisations, companies and private individuals worldwide rely on discreet armoured vehicles from WBA Armored Vehicles. Every year, more than 500 highly specialized employees equip a four-digit number of vehicles with steel armor at the highest level.

From our locations in Germany and Mexico, we offer our customers worldwide support – from the individual adaptation of their vehicles through delivery on all continents to maintenance and personal advice and support on site.

Our service to the safety of our customers is based on decades of experience, certified processes, our own research department with high-end equipment and our own ballistic test facility. So that you are safe.



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